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1416 products selected
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Daily Living Aids

ADL medical supplies provide greater independence to patients and lessen the load on caregivers. When a patient lacks the mobility to shower or bathe in the bathroom, hygiene is not out of the question. Special care is needed to bathe a patient in bed and disposable washcloths are the perfect solution. They make for an effortless spot bath at any time. Other daily living aids such as walker accessories can make tasks simple. Walker trays are popular because they make it easy to carry meals from the kitchen to another room. Walker baskets are another favorite and are suitable for transporting personal items on the go.

ADL Assistive Devices & Medical Supplies

Activities of daily living (ADL) can become challenging after an accident, injury, or surgery. Daily living aids help injured or elderly patients who have limited mobility perform basic everyday tasks. The increased freedom to perform daily tasks improves the overall well-being of a patient. Caregivers rely on various ADL medical supplies to maintain a healthy quality of life for their patients or loved ones. Our daily living aids include products in personal care and hygiene for people with challenges bathing or using the restroom. Shop hygiene essentials to stay well-groomed with shampoo, body wash, disposable washcloths, flushable cleansing cloths, skin cleansers, body moisturizers, shaving cream, toothbrushes, and more.

Shop the collection of daily living aids we offer! We offer ADL kits, Hearing aids, and more to help you safe & confident.

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