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Ostomy Medical Supplies

Ostomy surgery may be a necessary treatment for cancer, incontinence, inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), or a birth defect. Patients who experience continent diversion surgery require special ostomy medical supplies to support their lifestyle change. Browse our selection of ostomy care products to find affordable solutions that work best for your stoma, skin, and lifestyle.

Selecting Ostomy Care Products

Choosing the right ostomy supplies is a key step toward postoperative care in managing an ostomy. Our ostomy medical supplies fit the needs of patients managing a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy. Our pouches are available as one-piece or two-piece and you can select from either drainable pouches or single-use, closed-end pouches. Drainable pouches are excellent for ileostomy and colostomy patients looking for a cost-effective solution because they are reusable. Disposable closed-end pouches can simplify ostomy care by minimizing maintenance. Simply remove and dispose of the old pouch and replace it with a new one. We also offer urostomy pouches in one-piece or two-piece styles.

Other Essential Ostomy Supplies to have

Skin prep products and skin barrier paste are equally important ostomy supplies to consider when shopping for ostomy care. Skin prep protective barrier wipes can help promote adhesion when applying a new pouch and help reduce irritation when removing one. Patients with sensitive or inflamed skin can apply a skin barrier paste to relieve and further protect the affected skin. Skin protection products are also available as spray-on barrier films for easy application. Although some ostomy pouches have an odor-neutralizing filter, we offer various in-pouch deodorizers and deodorants to minimize odors during the routine maintenance of an ostomy bag. Our ostomy care products help thousands of patients nationwide enjoy a comfortable quality of life.

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