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365 products selected
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We offer incontinence liners and pads in many varieties and brands. Whether you're looking for booster pads, liners, male guards, male shields, or pads, we have a great selection from popular brands like Depend, Always, Attends, McKesson, TotalDry, TENA, Prevail, Poise, Tranquility, Covidien, and more. Wearing pads and liners that keep you comfortable and dry is key to managing incontinence so it's important to choose trusted products. Need to speak to someone about your incontinence product needs? Call our Honest Care Specialists and let us answer your questions or help you find men & women underwear liners and pads that work for you. Our adult incontinence liners are packed discreetly and delivered to your doorstep in just a few days.

About Incontinence Liners and Pads

Managing incontinence can be challenging but having the right products can make it easier. Incontinence liners and pads come in various sizes and absorbency levels. They can provide protection for light to moderate urinary incontinence. We have men's & women's underwear liners that are tailored to fight bladder leakage. Incontinence liners are compact and easy to carry in a bag. They are very discreet, easy to apply, and comfortable to wear with regular underwear because they have an adhesive that holds them securely. Underwear liners are a great solution for mild incontinence or those who experience light leakage. Incontinence pads are typically more absorbent and keep you dry by absorbing liquid and drawing moisture away from the skin. Pads may benefit people with moderate to heavy incontinence because their absorbent core retains fluid exceptionally well.

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