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Drive Medical Large Base Quad Cane, 30 Inches to 39 Inches High, Chrome, 1 Count, #10317-4 EA 1

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Product Details

Drive Medical Large Base Quad Cane features the style and added support you need for everyday life. The four-point base and offset handle provide additional stability compared to traditional single point canes. The large base maximizes surface area thus increasing stability and ensuring the safety of those who need assistance while walking. The vinyl contoured hand grip is ergonomically designed for comfort and to reduce any stress that may be experienced by the user's hand. The handle height is adjustable from 30 inches to 39 inches allowing for personal sizing and comfort while the silencer prevents rattling and locks the cane's height in place giving you added peace of mind. This cane is manufactured with an aluminum shaft and a steel base to perfectly balance safety with durability as is evidenced by its ability to withstand 500 pounds of weight.



UPC : 822383110615

Color : Chrome

Material : Aluminum

Size : 30 Inches to 39 Inches High

MPN: 10317-4

SKU: 100388


Weight : 2.20

Width : 12.00

Height : 8.00

Depth : 30.00


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