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Enteral Feeding Accessories
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About Enteral Feeding Supplies

Caring for patients who do not eat enough means they could be at risk of malnourishment, unintended weight loss, or serious health problems. There are times when eating can be difficult because of underlying reasons like a stroke, cancer, gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, neurological disorders, or other serious illnesses. Enteral feeding is critical to delivering nutrition to patients directly through the GI tract. It is commonly referred to as enteral tube feeding or tube feeding.

Tube feeding may be short-term or long-term depending on the circumstances for which it is necessary. If you deliver nutrition to a loved one via tube feeding, you will need more than just an adequate tube feeding formula. You will also need enteral feeding supplies like feeding tubes or tube fasteners. We carry a variety of nasogastric feeding tubes made of PVC or polyurethane in different lengths for adult, pediatric, or neonatal use. An adhesive nasal tube fastener is the best way to secure any nasogastric or nasal feeding tube to the patient without causing any irritation to the skin. An excellent tip for caregivers is to keep an extra NG tube on hand in case there is ever an emergency. Getting used to a new way of feeding for you and your one can take time but understanding how it works and having the proper enteral feeding supplies will make it easier to provide care and support.

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